fake device from china

Similar shape but very poor circuit design Built for whitening - Be aware that too much vibrations with the wrong frequency can move your teeth too much with the risk of losing them. This is what is says on website: "The device uses gentle vibrations at a frequency of 133HZ." which is really dangerous as it's 10 times the normal medical vibration frequency.

What else you can find on their website? Big lie:"The fuction of the item is a device which can help to straighten your teeth." Where to find them? Check the price, just like buying a i phone at less than $100 when they cost $1000 - Scammers! They will not refund you!!! " WE DO NOT REFUND FOR ANY REASON" YLX Beauty Ldt., Hey White. In the US: Snapdeal Orthorush device, dr rugby, Heyward Dental Products LLC, HD 2.0 Ortho Device, Pulsate Pro from OrthoEssentials, Bitepod20 from B and Smile, are those selling fake Chinese vibrating devices. From China Here is the PCB, electrical circuit, very minimal, no way it will deliver the right frequency and control the frequency all along. Your risk, rhyzalyse, self destruction of the roots of your teeth ...

Bitepod from China for sale here

Affordable Vibrations in Orthodontics

Pulsate Pro is a low frequency sonic vibration unit that operates at 30Hz.  It provides a gentle massage for the mouth.  Simply attach the mouthpiece to the base unit, bite gently on the mouthpiece, and push the button to switch on the device.  Will automatically shut off after 10 minutes.  Store on the charger when not in use.  Unit has a light which will flash when charging, and will shut off when fully charged.


  • USB charger
  • 2-4 hrs. for a full charge
  • FDA registered

  • Pulsate Pro base unit
  • Mouthpiece
  • Charger
  • Wall Plug
  • USB Cable
Sold here at $79

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